Speaking in the Environment Committee on the 12 April 2011 Commissioner John Dalli expressed the view that the failure of the proposal to become law affected the credibility of all the institutions. He expressed the view that fast action was needed and that at conciliation there had been broad agreement on issues surrounding novel foods. Therefore the Commission is planning to come forward with a proposal for a Regulation that will incorporate all the provisions from the failed novel food proposal, minus the provisions on cloned animals.


The expected proposal for a Regulation will aim to enhance food safety and protect human health by streamlining the authorisation procedure for “novel foods”. The Commission is also considering adopting a separate proposal at the same time on cloned animals. The content of this legislative initiative has not been fully decided yet by the Commission but it is likely to concern the mandatory labelling of all meat and products from the offspring of cloned animals. Although the Council rejected this during the failed “conciliation committee” meetings, the Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection John Dalli stated, through a press release, that progress had been made on the issue, with the possibility of labelling rules being introduced in the future.


 Next Steps

The Commission provisionally anticipates adopting the expected proposal for a Regulation on novel foods by the end of 2011.


The expected proposal for a Regulation may form part of a package of measures that will include a legislative initiative on cloned animals. The Commission is currently working towards an impact assessment on this possible measure and may hold stakeholder consultations in the second half of 2011.


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